#3 -- The Name "Pink N-gger" was Taken

The Name "Pink N-gger" was Taken

J. J. Rowland is now a high-powered (or, just high) CEO at Overcompensating, but he also tells tall tales at Wigu!



It's my fault. I uninstalled and trashed the old tablet software and re-installed. I even have a mini-drafting table, almost a light-box on wheels (I bet some animator is going "wuh" when she reads that). so I have a great drawing environment.

But I suck at drawing. I'm glad no one is reading this comic. I can be as stupid as I like (and I like to be stupid) and will have a year or so of obscurity to practice. I can try a few scripts. Study a few artists. Wonder why I even bother.

But it's people like J.J. Rowland who are living the dream. He has his own business, Topatoco, selling merchandise for himself and other comic artists.

I have Weedmaster P's shirt. I don't know how he got that one, but I had to buy mine.