#9 -- One Wit Wonder

One Wit Wonder

Today's comic features imitations of Hannelore, Marten, Faye and Pintsize, from Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques.



Jeph Jacques' exploration of life among the hip and nerdy over at Questionable Content has characters, arcs, plots and hooks (that sounds like a typographer's shopping list, but I digress). But, so far, Databoy doesn't.

I wrote the script months ago. I thought I would have developed some characters -- and I would have magically developed some drawing talent -- but I haven't, as you can see. So, I'm learning to draw by tracing the characters from webcomics from across the Internets. I just place the characters I trace in random panels.

Of course, I want to read Questionable Content because of Faye's awesome rack. That much is true.

This weekend, I'll draw for fun, and see what I come up with for Databoy. I'll also create a new script (this one runs out of steam in two more weeks) so I'll have something to work with. I think.