And now for something completely different, it's...

Time for a new project around here. I got to thinking about titles. How about these? 

  • The Databoy and Mr. Mueller
  • Clear and Present Databoy
  • Databoy Liaisons
  • Databoy Calling
  • Databoy’s Book for Boys & Girls
  • Miss Peregrine's Home for a Particular Databoy
  • Databoy and the Chamber of Secret Sauces

 Which will it be? Stay tuned!

Picture a perfect mistake!

Image showing interface for new app, Oops-a-gram

Coming soon to an iTunes App Store near you: Oops-a-gram! Also, a website:

It's been a while...

Hola! It's been a long time since I shouted "Hola!" around here, but I've been busy with writing, recording music and programming.

The Joy of Writing

The talented and prolific Patricia Stoltey has generously allowed me to write a post about what it means to me to write! Please drop by and leave a comment!

A new novel: The Agility of Clouds

Here is a page for all things related to the latest novel by C.J. Pitchford, The Agility of Clouds.

Music in Denver. Some lessons.

Before Databoy (10 years old this year). Before Cyber Soul. I studied music at Metropolitan State College (now University) of Denver. And today, I ran into one of the professors of Metro: Walter Barr. When I was a kid, he taught the hottest Jazz Band in any high school, and lived one neighborhood over from mine. When I went to Metro, he joined the faculty before going on to head the Department of Music after I graduated. I ran into him at the store while I was with Kristine Shafer—who also went to Metro, and Walter Barr knew her, of course.

Ware The Airship Armada!

New iPhone Development Milestone

No more iPhone Simulator for me (unless I want to)…

That's my first app running on my iPhone. SWEET!

The iOS Developer program was really pretty easy. While I can't believe I've waited almost five years to get this setup, I can enjoy how easy it is to get started developing.

Happy New Year!

The gunfire in my neighborhood means that either the Broncos won, or it's 2014!

#16 -- Yo, dawg, I heard you like updates...

Yo, dawg, I heard you like updates

Cecania, Fairfax and the Hero are found at the webcomic Sore Thumbs



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