#10 -- Lettuce Entertain You

Lettuce Entertain You

Lil' Sis, Maura, Indie Pete and Clango can be viddied at R. Steven's webcomic: Diesel Sweeties.



R Stevens even took this show on the syndicate road! There are thousands of comics to visit at Diesel Sweeties, and I think you'll be amazed at the storylines and characters even while you laugh!

But I just want to know how he does it! Does he make the characters a pixel at a time? I couldn't! I set my pencil to be a block in photoshop, and tried to use it. It looks easy, but this was one of the hardest comics to trace. Which is weird, because the first graphic art I did (after newsletters and flyers) was pixel art. Making half-tones from alternating pixels was a drunk way -- I mean, great way -- to pass the time.