January 2011

#1 -- Please Have a Seat


#2 -- 100% joke free!

Monique and Slick are found at Sinfest by Tatsuya Ishida.


#3 -- The Name "Pink N-gger" was Taken

The Name "Pink N-gger" was Taken

J. J. Rowland is now a high-powered (or, just high) CEO at Overcompensating, but he also tells tall tales at Wigu!


#4 -- Reach out and ridicule someone!

Cat and Girl (and Hipster Scout) can be found at the brilliant webcomic catandgirl.com.


#5 -- All your info now belong to us

All your info now belong to us

From an older comic (the second one I followed daily) Jon, Diablo, Toothgnip and Philip may make cameos (and their spirit lives on) at Scenes from a Multiverse by Jon Rosenberg.


Free at Last!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!!

No comic today, but see you all tomorrow!

#6 -- Still 100% joke free!

teh internetz

Although, they aren't really comics, Goopymart's "Teh Internets" can be found be found at flickr!

#7 -- Some Disenchanted Evening

#7 -- Some Disenchanted Evening

Pete Abrams draws the continuing adventures of Bun-bun, Zöe (I hope), and Torg over at Sluggy Freelance — the webcomic that started it all for me.


#8 -- Sweet Child o' Mine

Sweet child o' mine

For your webcomic viewing pleasure, Dr. McNinja, King Radical and Pedro the Raptor Bandit can be found at Chris Hastings' www.drmcninja.com.


#9 -- One Wit Wonder

One Wit Wonder

Today's comic features imitations of Hannelore, Marten, Faye and Pintsize, from Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques.