Databoy was recently let laid off when E-Commerce Man was bought by Zynga and moved to Facebook. Without a steady income from being a sidekick, this website is the only outlet for his crime-fighting skills. However, as Databoy's only skills consist of stealing jokes and images off of the Internet, this website won't reduce crime. Except for giving Databoy something to do. Although, that may not actually reduce crime, per se. Whatever "per se" means.

Chris Pitchford writes (well, types) and draws (well, traces) Databoy. Well, sort of. You see, if you want to start a creative endeavor, it's best not to start with the ultimate goal of your creativity. Basically, you will be crap, and your results will look like it. Like, if you want to be a composer, starting writing symphonies is a bad call. (Even Mozart was predictable and derivative when he started composing music. And being 3 years old was no excuse, either). Do you want to be a novelist? Don't start with the Great American Novel that is just bursting to get out of you. Start with short stories. Or start with something that is going to be automatically rejected, and don't worry about how good it is -- just get started.

So that's what this is, at present. I wrote a "webcomic" placeholder script, for placeholder comics using placeholder "webcomic" graphics. Actually, I'm glad that I'm learning how to draw using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet this way. I've been able to give props (or at least hyperlinks) to some awesome creators of webcomics out there. And when I get that C & D, or some impassioned plea to remove the graphics, I will. I hope by then I've learned to draw! Watch this space as things change...

So please give today.*

* Giving mad props is optional, but appreciated.